Celebrating Dia de Los Muertos

Photo by Genaro Servu00edn on Pexels.com

Growing up in San Diego meant I was greatly influenced by a rich Mexican heritage, especially with Tijuana being just about an hour’s drive away. Then in my late twenties I moved up to Fresno for work then ten years later I finally settled in Seattle. It’s amazing that I have managed to live in cities that have a thriving Hispanic and Latino population, each unique in it’s own blend of Latinos from different countries. I feel fortunate to have several made a number of Latino friends and acquaintances who were more than willing to teach me a part of their culture and some of their holidays. Out of all their customs, I have come to enjoy and love Dia de Muertos which honors the family members who have passed away.

This year my friends and I decided to celebrate Dia de Muertos instead of Halloween as we have done in years passed. We decorated the lobby area where we live in true Dia de Muertos fashion setting up our Ofenda (alter). We started of laying down a bright orange table cloth. We then set up our display of pictures of family members and friends who have passed away over the years. Then we added candles, vases of Marigold flowers, pan de muerto and some sugar skulls.

And instead of wearing the usual halloween costumes this year we opted to dress up in some Dia de Muertos t shirts, head pieces, and halloween nail art, all ordered from amazon

For dinner we will be having Pan de Muerto, homemade chicken tortilla soup, chicken tamales, cinnamon-spiced pumpkin flan and Agua de Jamaica. All are dishes that we enjoy eating and are fairly easy to make ahead. Then while enjoying our dinner we will also be enjoying a good halloween movie or two.

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