M’m! M’m! Good! Soup Is Good Food

Photo by Timur Saglambilek on Pexels.com

Prior to Covid-19, my friends and I got together twice a month for a yummy potluck in which we would invite residents in our building who mainly depended on programs like Meals on Wheels. After an enjoyable afternoon, we would make sure that each one of them went home with at least four meals to enjoy during the week that we had made prior to the potluck. With Covid-19, we sadly had to stop the potlucks as not to put anyone’s health at risk. However we are still getting together to make meals, only we are now delivering them to their doors.

With us now entering the fall season we have gone into heartier soups, stews, and casseroles that will stick to your ribs. Our goal is to make sure each resident gets two soups or stews and three to four meals every other week. We also make sure that every meal includes a main course with a salad, side dish and yummy dessert. We were fortunate that a local restaurant who sadly went out of business heard what we were doing and so donated their take out soup and food containers.

These week highlights some of our favorite soups that are quick and easy to make and are often requested.

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