Football Tailgate Party time

Football season has finally begun. My hometown team, the Seattle Seahawks, won their game against the Atlanta Falcons. Sadly I had to miss the game due to other obligations but I am free for the next few weeks to watch the games on tv or streaming online. Thank heavens for modern technology where we are able to watch games on a big screen, even if it means hooking the laptop to the big screen.

Growing up my family never really participated in tailgate parties. Mainly it was because it was my mom, grandma Felix and I and we were more into baseball. Needless to say, I don’t remember any tailgate parties for baseball. Our game plan for baseball was getting there early enough to grab hot dogs and sodas then finding our seats to watch the games.

It wasn’t until I moved to Seattle and made new friends who were big football fans that I really started to enjoy football. With tickets being so expensive, we usually only get to one or two games in person each season. The rest of the games we catch at home. We love taking down our comfy blankets and curling up on the sofas and armchairs to cheer on the Seahawks. And of course, no game day is complete without a nice spread of finger foods, snacks and our favorite drinks. Naturally we save our biggest spread for the Super Bowl when we through a big party for the game.

I hope you enjoy the recipes that I have put up and that you try a few for your next tailgate party.

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