Bring on the football, chips and dips

With September now here, that means that football season is just around the corner. Growing up my family weren’t football fans. We-meaning my mom, Grandma Felix and I- were baseball fans. And our chosen team were the San Diego Padres. But more about that later when baseball season rolls around next summer. As for my dad and brother, they weren’t into sports like mom and I, let alone the rest of our extended family although they did enjoy an occasional ballgame.

It wasn’t until I moved out on my own that I came to like watching an occasional football game. More often than not though I only watched the Super Bowl and that was mainly to see all the commercials and the half time game. It was when I finally moved here to Seattle that I got hooked into watching football. While I mostly catch the games on tv or stream the games online, I have been lucky enough to attend a few Seahawks games in person at Centurylink Field. Believe you me that it can get quite loud during the games.

I admit that while I have come to enjoy football games-thanks to the urging of friends who are avid fans, I’ve come to know that the quarterback is pretty much the big guy on the field in that he is the leader and basically calls all the plays. And that the guy snapping the ball to the quarterback is called the center. And I got it last year that it is the running back who runs with the football. But the rest of the positions on the team and what they do hasn’t set in my head. And I am okay with that as are my friends since it seems I am able to carry on a decent conversation with them on a basic level regarding the games, teams and certain players.

When my friends where I live are home, we like to head down to the basement to watch the games on the big tv together. At the end of the season we do make a point of gathering together to watch the Super Bowl and enjoy game of the season. But no matter what, through out the season we always have snacks and drinks to share and enjoy.

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